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Enjoy discounted prices

Join our membership program to enjoy exclusive discounted prices. We regularly offer limited-time promotions and discounts, allowing you to save more and enhance your shopping experience. Use the new member discount code "emma5."

Free shipping

As a member, you will enjoy free shipping services delivered directly to your home. Our logistics network covers the vast majority of countries worldwide, ensuring your products are delivered quickly and safely.

Membership points

Every purchase brings you more rewards. You can earn points for every amount spent, which can be redeemed for vouchers or gifts in future purchases. By accumulating points, you will enjoy more savings and rewards.

Genuine products and after-sales service

official authentic products with after-sales services provided by the brand. Whether it's product warranty, returns, exchanges, or other after-sales issues, our customer service team will provide professional solutions to ensure a worry-free shopping experience.


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Every customer is a member of our family, and every review is a precious gift. Welcome to the EMMA family!